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This is a BREAKTHROUGH video designed for classical or traditional piano (or instrumental) teachers to demonstrate the primary concept of improvisation: FLOW - PHRASE- BREATHE. Your students can discover the JOY of Improv with this one concept! Recorded at the "Original" Frank and Camille's Pianos in Carle Place, NY.

Watch "Master Class #52: How to Begin Teaching Improvisation for Classical Piano Teachers" now!

Join Dave for a core class designed for beginner and intermediate improvisers. Recorded at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, Hungary 9/30/19

Watch "Master Class #51: How to Make Your Improvisations Sound Musical" now!

Join Berklee Piano Professor Dave Frank as he presents THE BASIC concept behind jazz improvisation: Flow -Phrase - Breathe! This class is a game-changer

Watch "Master Class #50: How to Improvise Jazz - Flow, Phrase, Breathe!" now!

Join Berklee Piano Professor Dave Frank for this unusual jazz master class. This class is designed for all improvisers as a way to use 6 specific techniques for get out of improv ruts and get your creativity *firing* again. Starring Alfred E. Nueman.

Watch "Master Class #49: 6 Ways to Get out of Improv RUTS" now!

oin Dave for a short master class on the step-by-step process of singing with the jazz solos of the masters. A MUST for aspiring improvers! Features Charlie Parker's solo on Billie's Bounce.

Watch "Master Class #48: How to Sing with Master Solos" now!

Enjoy this 30 minute documentary film by Bret Primack with music by Dave Frank. The film explores the life of the great jazz writer/reviewer Ira Gitler, who passed away in early 2019.

Watch "Master Class #47: Ira Gitler: The Best Friend Jazz Ever Had" now!

Join Dave Frank for an in-depth master class on the walking bassline technique pioneered by Lennie Tristano! Topics include the basic swing 1/8th line, triplets, mantra phrases, 2 hand voicing pattern, and much more. Fun for the whole family)

Watch "Master Class #46: Call Me Lennie!" now!

Jul 10, 2018
Join Dave and a growing worldwide community of jazz-minded folks

Oct 21, 2017

For a limited time Dave offers a free, no-obligation Skype lesson for any student worldwide.

Aug 18, 2016

This class will focus on the improv concepts used by the great alto sax improviser Paul Desmond. Recording Friday night in NYC, looking forward to sharing this with you)

Aug 12, 2016

Hi phrends, I'm happy to announce that I'll be presenting a solo concert followed by a master class on the greatest pianist who ever lived, Keith Jarrett) This will be live at NYC's best piano jazz club, MEZZROW, on Sunday November 13th. Concert at 5, Keith class at 6. Consider joining me for a scintillating evening!

More later, alligators.

Jun 2, 2016

Get up close and personal with the world's GREATEST jazz guitarist! Pat discusses his early years, practice habits, the sacred geometry of the guitar, the "study of opposites", his theory of rhythm and much, much more. This video is like hearing a lecture from the Buddha and then the Buddha plays the greatest jazz guitar solos you ever heard) Features 2 new SMOKIN' duo performances by Dave Frank and Pat Martino, and some gorgeous solo guitar performances. YAY PAT!

Watch An Evening with Pat Martino now!

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Dave Frank is one of the busiest solo jazz pianists and music educators on the scene today. He is the author of the best-selling Hal Heonard book and video series, Joy of Improv and Breakthrough to Improv, was an Associate Professor of piano at Berklee College of Music in Boston from 1987-2004, and was a co-founder of the New York School of Jazz (1983-86). In 2004 Dave moved to New York City to direct the Dave Frank School of Jazz in midtown Manhattan. Read more...


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“Dave Frank is the type of original artist that comes along only once in a great while” - Bruce Lundvall, President, Blue Note Records

“A master of thematic improvisation” - Amsterdam Jazz Journal

"I can honestly say, after 23 online master classes and 6 years of skype lessons, that I believe Dave Frank to be the best jazz piano teacher on the planet" - Chris DeVito, President, Blue Truffle Music

“This guy sounds like he has 12 fingers on each hand!” - HEAR Music

“Dave Frank is a new force to be reckoned with in the world of jazz piano. Ballads and Burners must be heard to be believed !” - Scott Yanow, All- Music Guide

“Dave’s music sounds like jazz coming from an alternate universe” - Dave Douglas

“Dave Frank is a bearer of the Tristano flame in the world of modern jazz” - Charles Sibirsky

“I was deeply moved by Power of the Piano. Dave Frank is a monster!” - Pat Martino

“Dave Frank is one of the few people that can REALLY play!” - Lennie Tristano

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