no video of master class #17 The Endless Flow...

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no video of master class #17 The Endless Flow...

Post by FransK » Mon Jan 09, 2017 5:22 pm

Hi Dave,
I am working on "Master Class #16: Beginning Improvisation using Modal Vamps" (somewhere in the middle) and am curious to the secord part of this master class. In #16, the second part is only mentioned, but there is no specific reference to it.
I assume part 2 is the next one, "Master Class #17: The Endless Flow of Music Within",

I tried to play that video, but it is not available currently ("this video does not exist" in the web browser after hitting the play-button)

Is this part 2?

Is this video still available somewhere?
(anyhow, all your master classes are extremely interesting)

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