Singing to Master Solos

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Singing to Master Solos

Post by TheDarkPassenger » Sun Sep 13, 2015 2:14 pm

Hi Dave,

I am also trying to sing along to this short solo using the Doo Bee Doo Bee suggested method. ... n-exercise

It seems I am able to hum the pitch better, as when I sing the words, I feel the pitch of the syllables in "Bee" for example take me off the right pitch.

Do you know what I mean? Are you able to upload a sample of how this solo should sound sung with Doo Bee or Doo Boo?

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Re: Singing to Master Solos

Post by AgentX » Tue Sep 15, 2015 1:51 pm

Hi Dexter,

I'll give you my ten pence worth because this is exactly what I am working on at the moment with Dave.

I always thought it was amusing how Dave provided a list of possible sounds to sing along with the solo's, especially the jay jay, but I guess there is someone out there right now jaying to a great master solo as we speak.

I've been singing to the solos for a few months now and just use whatever sounds come naturally and allow me to get the thing vocalised. I think I am a dah bah doo bee man (but in no particular order). What I have found though is that you will be able to hit the pitches crisper and more accurately if you do use some sort of 'wordy' sound as opposed to just humming, you will definitely notice this as you speed the solo up.

Struttin' with some barbecue was the first solo I sang and I loved it. I noticed that the sound clip you provided was just the first phrase of the solo repeated. Presumably you do have access to the whole solo? If not, here is a link for you to paste in your browser. The solo starts at 1:34



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