Transposing by ear JOI exercies

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Transposing by ear JOI exercies

Post by Davek » Sat Nov 26, 2016 10:20 pm

I got book one the other day and started in right away. After reading the first section I got to the next chapter where the exercises and songs begin. I discovered that my ability to transpose the exercises by ear a lot harder than I realized! I could barely do the first measure in all 12 keys. I almost wrote down the notes because it felt so daunting. Instead, i decided to just try playing the first few notes of the first exercise and go through the whole circle of 5ths. Then I'd add a couple more notes until i could do the whole 4 measures. Am I on the right track? I ask because it takes me a whole practice session to go through the exercise in all 12 keys. (I do like the challenge, though!)


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Re: Transposing by ear JOI exercies

Post by jeffn1 » Mon Nov 28, 2016 1:49 pm

I'm not sure if I am recalling the same exercises. But I don't know if I would say I tried to do them totally "by ear".

If you are doing them chromatically, with each one 1/2 half step above the prior time, then its not totally "by ear" ot my way of thinking.

You are raising each note a half step (and hopefully that helps develop your ear and get comfortable with the notes in all the keys).

[If I am missing something, my apologies].


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Re: Transposing by ear JOI exercies

Post by AgentX » Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:11 pm

Hi Davek,

I study with Dave and spent twelve months going through the two JOI books.

Don't get too hung up on doing the transposition exercise, it is an extremely taxing exercise if you are not used to that sort of thing. If you are really beginning improvisation you will get far more out of playing the jazz and blues tunes.

Do the Hanon, it is very addictive, fun and satisfying to really get it under your fingers and steadily push the tempo up bit by bit until you really fly with it. A little tip for the fingering; use exactly the same fingering as you climb up chromatically, get your thumb on those black notes, don't try and figure out a fingering that avoids it (like I did at first). Your thumb will have to jump up a half step to start the next sequence occasionally.

Listen to a tune on the CD, familiarise yourself with it and then learn to play it. Play the tunes over and over, even as you progress to the nest lesson, keep playing the tunes you have already learned.

Follow the books instructions of playing the tunes, singing and playing and then singing the melody whilst playing the left hand only.

Once you have a few lessons under your belt and are starting to 'hear' the jazz and blues lines, try this:

Go back to lesson one and play the solo pattern, learn it and sing it over and over until it is really in your ear. Then find another start note either chromatically or perhaps following the circle of fifths and SING the line from that note, then try mentally playing it and finally physically play it and add the voicings. Ultimately you want the fingers to play what is in your head.

Take your time, sing sing sing and get those lines going around in your head.

Good luck


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Re: Transposing by ear JOI exercies

Post by Davek » Wed Nov 30, 2016 11:21 pm

Wow, very detailed answers! Thanks for both of your answers. I will tell you that I am a trombonist, not a pianist. Maybe I'm in a minority for this group! For the most part, except for suggestions of singing while I play and maybe playing different voicing, the instructions are universal. The singing with recordings or acapella still are valid and I will heed your advice. Thanks!
I still desire to be able to transfer what I can sing to my horn and to develop a richer mind-vocabulary too.

I'm not completely new to improvising but just found I have not gotten very far for such a long time and felt it was time to change that, thus embarking on JOI and Daves videos. It seems that already I can sense a change!

Thanks again

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